20.1.1       Provisions of Sastry Award for transfers


The subject of transfer of workmen staff is dealt with in paragraphs 535 and 536 of the Sastry Award. While paragraph 535 deals with the transfer of office-bearers of the union, paragraph 536 gives directions on transfers in general. The Tribunal has observed that transfers are rendered necessary by the exigencies of administration and that the proper view to take is that transfers are normal incidents of the working of a bank and they must be left to the discretion of those who guide the policy of the Bank and manage its affairs. However, to avoid the suspicion that discretion may be abused and transfers effected on considerations other than the needs of administration, the Tribunal gave directions on how transfers should be effected. These are summarised hereunder.


(A)      Transfer of Officer Bearers of the Union:


   i.                  Every registered bank employees union, from time to time, shall furnish the bank with the names of the President, Vice-President and the Secretaries of the union;

 ii.                  Except in very special cases, whenever the transfer of any of the above-mentioned office bearers is contemplated, at least five clear working days notice should be put up on the notice boards of the bank of such contemplated action;

iii.                  Any representations, written or oral, made by the union shall be considered by the bank;

iv.                  If any order of transfer is ultimately made, a record shall be made by the bank of such representations and the banks reasons for regarding them as inadequate; and

v.                  The decision shall be communicated to the union as well as to the employee concerned.


Note :  The directions given in paragraph 535 of Sastry Award regarding transfer of office-bearers of "Registered Bank Employees Union" mean and refer to a Union registered under the Trade Unions Act, 1926 and not to Branch/Regional/Zonal units thereof. (SASTRY AWARD)


(B)       Transfer of other employees:


The Award envisages minimum possible transfers as required by banking needs and efficiency. In respect of subordinate staff, there should be no transfers ordinarily and if there are any transfers at all, they should be confined to the State or the language areas in which an employee has been serving.  In case of workmen staff not belonging to subordinate cadre also, transfers outside the State or the language area should not be made as far as possible except with his consent.   Further the number of transfers should be strictly limited and normally it should not be more than once in a year.




20.1.2       Five year transfer policy


As periodical rotation of staff between branches and redeployment of surplus staff are bound to involve movement of a large number of employees between branches, it was considered necessary to evolve suitable policies to regulate the movements so that no room was left for arbitrariness. Therefore, the Bank, in consultation with the All India State Bank of India Staff Federation, evolved a transfer policy for workmen staff and policy for redeployment of surplus staff. This policy provides broad guidelines for movement of staff and seeks to serve the aforesaid purpose but does not, in any way, modify the provisions of paragraph 536 of the Sastry Award, which will continue to govern transfers rendered necessary by the exigencies of administration. The salient features of the policy are as under :

(PER/IR/6857 Dt.24.02.1983, PER/IR/16025 Dt.05.04.1984, PER/IR/17863 Dt.25.04.1984)


i)          Transfers would be made within the same Centre/Municipal/Urban Agglomeration area. The policy will not apply at the centres where there is only one office of the Bank.


ii)         Clerical and subordinate staff (all categories) with 5 years or longer stay at an office are liable to be transferred to another office.


iii)         The Central/Working/Executive Committee members of the recognized Circle Award Staff Union and their local unit secretaries need not be subjected to transfer under the policy as long as they continue to hold the position in question.  However, they will continue to be subjected to transfer rendered necessary by the exigencies of administration as hither to. The procedure as outlined in Section 535 of the Sastry Award will continue to be followed.


Such exemption is not available to office-bearers of unrecognized unions.  (PER/IR/4587 Dt.11.10.1991)


iv)        The  employees  will be  listed category-wise,  viz. Senior Assistants, Stenographers, Assistant Head Cashier, Assistant (Accounts/Cash/Typing) etc. and the transfers would be effected category-wise depending on the needs of the offices concerned.


v)         Transfer should involve movement from one branch/office/establishment to another branch/office/establishment and should be applicable to all categories of workmen staff (i.e. clerical/cash and subordinate).

(CDO/IR/CIR/21 Dt.05.06.1999)


Inter-departmental/inter-divisional movements should not be treated as transfer under the policy and the eligible employees should be transferred out from the office/branch where they are presently posted on completion of the prescribed time limit of 5 years.


vi)        The employees due for in-cadre promotion will invariably be transferred to another branch at the same station or outside if they have completed 5 years stay at one office. In regard to transfer of this category of staff outside the station, a policy for the same would be framed by Local Head Offices in consultation with the Circle Union.


vii)       Transfers of employees, who are appointed on in-cadre higher positions such as Assistant Head Cashiers etc. on the basis of Branch Seniority need not be effected under this policy except when considered absolutely necessary.  This is so because in such circles, some of the in-cadre higher allowance carrying positions are filled on branch seniority and if such employees are transferred, problems concerning inter-se seniority arise at the transferee branches.


viii)       Whenever the transfers are effected, the employees should normally be transferred in the order of their length of stay at the office.  Provided that:


a)         employees, who have attained the age of 55 years, may not be  transferred.


b)         those employees who are normally due for transfer but whose services are considered essential or it is not considered to transfer them for other justifiable administrative reasons, may not be transferred immediately but their cases should be reviewed subsequently and transfers effected in a phased manner.


c)         requests of employees for  retention  at an office on extreme  grounds of sickness, duly accompanied by a medical certificate from the Banks doctor/specialist or on any other ground of extreme compassion may be considered on merits. Their cases should also be reviewed periodically.


ix)         The policy would aim at movement of the staff from  one office to another in a phased manner without causing undue hardship or dislocation to the concerned employees.


x)         Nothing in this policy will affect the managements right to make transfers on administrative grounds within the provisions of the Award.


xi)         The number of employees transferred at a time from one office may normally not exceed 10 to 20 per cent of the total strength of the cadre at that office.


xii)        The policy will be subject to review from time to time.


20.1.3       Transfer of office-bearers of circle employees union


Whenever the office-bearer of the Circle Union., viz. President, Vice-President or Secretary of a Registered Bank Employees Union is transferred from a Branch/Office, a notice to that effect is put on the Notice-Board five clear working days in advance.


It is clarified that these provisions are applicable only when the designated office-bearers of the Circle Union are transferred. The office-bearers of local unit of the Union will not be covered by these provisions.


The directions given in paragraph 535 of Sastry Award regarding transfer of office-bearers of "Registered Bank Employees Union" mean and refer to a Union registered under the Trade Unions Act, 1926 and not to Branch/Regional/Zonal units thereof. (SASTRY AWARD)




(CirDo/PER&HRD/145/2004-05 dated 21.02.05 & CirDo/HR/113/2006-07 dated 24-02-07)


To carry out implementation of our technology plan and redeployment of human resources, re-skilling the staff and using them as per Banks requirements Corporate Centre have entered into a Settlement with All India SBI Staff Federation about redeployment/transfer of employees on the 22nd July 2003 and on 23rd  October 2006. The operational guidelines and salient features of the revised redeployment/transfer is as under.


(i)         The policy is applicable to both clerical as well as subordinate staff.


(ii)        The redeployment/transfer will be within a centre as well as outside a centre.


(iii)       Centre for the purpose of these guidelines has been defined as under:


"Centre is a town or city up to the municipal limits or an urban agglomeration or a territorial area as per Census of India, where the same salary and allowances including HRA and CCA are payable. It also includes a territory notified by the Government as project area or an area defined for development like National Capital Territory, etc."


(iv)       Redeployment/transfers will be done on the basis of longest stay at a branch or a centre, as the case may be. In other words, first to come will be first to go. A branch and centre wise list in descending order of length of stay will be kept ready, duly verified and updated by the authorities mentioned in the guidelines.


(v)        The female employees above 54 years and male employees above 55 years of age will be exempted from redeployment outside the centre. However, they may be redeployed/transferred within-the-centre upto 57 years of age.


(vi)       Redeployment/transfer will be for a period of 2 years for a difficult centre and 3 years for other centres. At the end of the above period, the employee will have the option to be repatriated to his original place of posting or to a place of his choice, subject to the conditions stated in the guidelines.


(vii)      If at the new centre of posting, an employee attains 57 years of age or completes  the period of his/her stay as per the policy, he/she may be considered for transfer to a centre of his/her preference including previous centre of posting subject to availability of vacancy or against a vacancy that may arise due to redeployment of fresh employees and replacement being made available to the branch/office to his/her present posting by redeployment/transfer.


(viii)     ­On redeployment/transfer of an employee from a higher HRA/CCA to a lower HRA/CCA centre, the HRA/CCA being drawn by the employee immediately prior to redeployment/transfer will be protected in cases where the employee retain the family at higher HRA/CCA centre. The difference between the higher HRA and CCA payable at the original centre and the eligible lower HRA and CCA payable at the centre where the emploee is redeployed/transferred will be paid as Persoanl Allowance which shall not count for any opther benefit like DA, Pension , PF etc.


(ix)       Reimbursement of House Rent to employees who retain their families from where they were redeployed/transferred will be made upto a maximum of Rs.500/- p.m. for clerical and Rs.300/- p.m. to subordinate class on certificate basis.


(x)        Protection of HRA and CCA and reimbursement of House Rent as stated in para 20.2.viii and 20.2.ix above will also be applicable to the employees redeployed outside the centre under career progression scheme.


(xi)       The employees redeployed under career progression scheme will also be eligible for repatriation to original place of posting or to a place of his choice on completion of 2 years at a difficult centre and 3 years at other centres subject to other conditions stated in the guidelines being fulfilled.


(xii)       The branches/ offices/ CAG/ Mid Corporate / SAMG/ LHO or a Corporate Centre establishments etc. falling in the geographical area of a Zone will be treated a s part of the zone concerned.


(xiii)      The President and Secretary, Senior Vice-President, Treasurer of the All India Staff Federation and President, General Secretary, one/two  Senior Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and one Dy. General Secretary at LHO Head Quarter and one Dy. General Secretary at each Zonal Offices of the Circle Staff Unions will be exempted from redeployment. They may be considered for posting at administrative offices also.


(xiv)     The other members of the Circle/ Working/ Executive/ Central/ Committee of the recognised Circle Union and council members of federation who are eligible for special casual leave in terms of bipartite settlements dated 2nd June 2005 will be redeploed in the same centre.


(xv)      The above provisions of redeployment are without prejudice to the provisions of paragrapgh of 535 and 536 of Sastry Award.


(xvi)     Cases of exception will be dealt with as indicated in the guidelines.


(xvii)     Redeployment/transfer will be done by the designated authorities as mentioned in the guidelines.


(xviii)    From the year 2007-08, the relevant date for eligibility under redeployment/transfer period will be 1st June instead of 1st August each year. To achieve this objective centre-wise stay list prepared as per the extant guidelines be used to fill up the vacancies out of the centre and the branch-wise list of stay be used for the purpose of redeployment under 5 year transfer policy. However the movement of employees between branches/offices necessitated for administratuive exigencies can take place as and when warranted.


(xix)      A statement should be sent to HR Department at LHO on quarterly basis in regard to the transfers/ redeployments made during the quarter on the lines of format already being used by modules.


(xx)       If any doubt/difficulty arises regarding implementation of any of the provisions of the revised policy , the matter should be referred to HR department at LHO for clarifications. Pending clarifications, the provision of of the policy as laid down will be implemented.





The Bank at its discretion will determine number of employees to be redeployed/ transferred from a branch/office at a centre and to be posted at another branch/office or location at the same centre.   Basis for redeployment/transfer


The redeployment/transfer of employees from a branch/office withine-the-centre will be on the basis of lenglh of stay at the branch/office and will be made on the principle of first-cum-first-go i.e. the longest to stay at a branch/office will be transferred/redeployed first.   Scope of redeployment/transfer


Subject to the condition that local transfers will be confined to mobility within a centre, such redeployment/transfers could be between branches/offces/location within the control of Asstt. General Manager of a Region, or from one Region to another, or from a Region to branch/ office/location within the control of another Asstt. General Manager/ Dy. General Manager of another Zone/Dy. General Manager and General Managers controlled branch/office, Local Head Orffice and Central Office establishments etc. and vice versa.   Preparation of lists for  Redeployment/transfer


a)                 With a view to facilitating such transfer/redeployment branch-wise and category-wise list of staff (both clerical cadre and subordinate cadre) will be prepared and updated every year on 1st August (1st June from the year 2007-08) and names of employees will be arranged in the descending order of their length of stay at the branch/office and such list will be prepared on the lines of proforma enclosed.


b)                 The above list will be prepared by each branch/office including Zonal Offices, LHOs, SBLCs, Central Office establishments located at the centre. The concerned controllers of the branches or offices will be responsible for preparation and accuracy of the list.


(c)               The transrfers will be effected jointly by the Assistant General Managers and /or controllers under whose control the transferor and transferee branches/offices function.  Exclusions/Exceptions


Clerical cadre employees who have been identified by the Bank/selected/trained for selling/marketing various products/services or other activities/services and are engaged in specified activities etc. will not be subjected to routine transfers/redeployment under the policy unless decided otherwise by the Corporate Centre.  Normally, placement in specialised activities as mentioned­ above will be for a period of three years and will be reviewed thereafter.


Clerk-typists, Stenographers or staff identified for secretarial work may be transferred / redeployed irrespective of length of stay at the branch/oflice and such transfers/ redeployment will be based on the suitability of the employee for the proposed job/ work.  Periodicity of redeployment/transfers within the centre


(a)       While redeployment/transfer under this dispensation will be as per the needs of the Bank, there will be job rotation from one desk to another at interval of 1 to 2 years and from one branch/office/location to another at interval of 5 years will be ensured.


(b)       The employees engaged in specialised activities like sales/services, marketing, loan recovery or such other specialised activities will normally not be rotated except as per guidelines to be issued in this regard from time-to-time.



REDEPLOYMENT/TRANSFER – OUTSIDE A CENTRE   Need for redeployment/transfer


            The Bank at its discretion will decide the employees to be redeployed/ transferred from a branch/office at a centre and to be posted at another branch/ofiice or location at another centre.   Basis for redeployment/transfer


The redeployment/transfer of employees from a branch/office to outside the centre will be on the basis of length of stay at that centre and will be based on the principle first-come-first-go i.e. employee with longest stay at the centre will be transferred/ redeployed first.         Scope of redeployment/transfer


Redeployment under this policy i.e. from one centre to another would cover employees of both cadres i.e. clerical and subordinate staff.   Preparation of lists for  Redeployment/transfer


(a)       For transfer from one centre to another, list of employees branch-wise and category-wise (both in clerical and subordinate cadre) will be prepared and their names will be arranged in the descending order or their length of stay at the centre and that such lists will be prepared on the lines of the proforma enclosed.


(b)       The list will be prepared as on 1st  August (1st June from the year 2007-08)  every year and will be updated yearly.